300.000 Euro fine – Salmonella-pig roast wedding trip blew up

At a wedding dinner, the Roast went even all the guests, but the next day, the groom and 52 of his guests were on the floor. Subsequent Tests showed that they were infected with Salmonella. 25 of them sued the catering company that supplied the ill-fated Fry. The incident occurred in 2017 in Packington Moor, Staffordshire, a first judgment was delivered. The Caterer was for health and hygiene offence made by a British court to pay the equivalent of almost 300,000 euros as a punishment is sentenced. The civil proceedings for damages will be negotiated after the criminal case, then additional costs will arise for the company.

Wedding in the shadow of the disease

Groom K. said: “The wedding was a really fantastic day and everyone had enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe it at first, when I started to feel uncomfortable. This went so far that I had to go to an outpatient health center, and after Tests I was told that I had Salmonella, I couldn’t believe it.”

K. was shocked, because he really wanted to with his wife in the Caribbean. “The disease took a total of about ten days, and the symptoms were so bad that we had no other choice than to postpone our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic,” said K.

It turned out that the pig had not been consistently heated, so that the Salmonella was not killed. When inspectors visited the premises of the company a few days later, they discovered expired food and mold in the refrigerators.

Few remained to cover the costs

The groom had no choice but to sue, because he got the money back for the journey, neither the tour operator nor the insurance. Such poisoning is always unpleasant, but to him, the disease would have taken the joy of the wedding, he argued. “Unfortunately, a lot of memories have been corrupted to the happiest day of me and Vikki by the incident.”

The company was repentant and pleaded “guilty”. A spokesman said: “We can’t tell you how sorry we are, because of the difficulty this incident has caused.”

“Since we started in 1990, we have served well over a Million people and we have never had such a Problem. Today, we have, however, taken over the full responsibility.”

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