Journalists Discuss the Nation’s Suicide Prevention Hotline, Abortion, and ‘Forever Chemicals’

KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani discussed the 988 suicide prevention hotline on NPR’s “Life Kit” podcast on Aug. 25 and with America’s Heroes Group Roundtable on Aug. 20.

  • Click here to hear Pattani on NPR
  • Click here to watch Pattani on America’s Heroes Group Roundtable
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KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber discussed the prosecutorial discretion that attorneys general have regarding abortion with WNHN’s “Attitude with Arnie Arnesen” on Aug. 24.

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KHN senior editor Andy Miller discussed dangerous “forever chemicals” found in everyday products on WUGA’s “Georgia Health Report” on Aug. 22, and Medicaid with 95.5 WSB’s “Atlanta’s Morning News Sunday” on Aug. 14.

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  • Click here to hear Miller on 95.5 WSB

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