Mandy Moore Struggles with This Common Postpartum Phenomenon & We Feel Seen

Sleep is one of life’s most precious commodities, especially as a new mom. When you’re up nursing throughout the night, taking care of a toddler during the day, and trying to fit in work, running a household, and a social life, it can be a lot. Running on fumes becomes the standard for a while. But this wacky sleep schedule can make getting any rest feel impossible, even when everyone else in the house is asleep. Mandy Moore posted about this struggle today, and it’s so frustrating!

“Both little dudes are still asleep,” the This Is Us star wrote on her Instagram Stories, along with a selfie of Moore in bed giving a total WTF-look to the camera. “Why did my body wake me up,” she added.

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The “In Real Life” singer is mom to sons Gus, 21 months, and Ozzie, 1 month, with husband Taylor Goldsmith. She is still in the hazy, crazy newborn fog when night and day barely mean anything and “sleep when the baby sleeps” is laughably impossible advice. Yet, not sleeping when both kids are asleep, and you’re already in bed? That’s a whole new level of frustration.

It seems like Moore is experiencing postpartum insomnia, which is something I experienced a few times after giving birth. There’s nothing more annoying than lying in bed not being able to sleep when your body so desperately craves it — and you know your newborn will wake up any minute.  

Dr. Shalini Paruti, co-director of the Sleep Medicine and Research Center at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis, told SheKnows in April 2020 that symptoms of postpartum insomnia include not falling asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed, waking up multiple times at night (even when your baby isn’t crying), wake up earlier in the morning than you want to — which seems to be the case for Moore! — and/or feel tired even if you slept for at least seven hours.

“Major changes can trigger the insomnia,” Dr. Paruthi said. “Having a baby is a major life change in terms of environment and in terms of hormones.”

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A Sept. 2022 study found that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and light dark therapy (LDT) are effective in reducing maternal postpartum insomnia symptoms.  

Additionally, you can try relaxing before bed, lowering your caffeine and alcohol intake, sharing nighttime duties with a partner, and going for morning walks to regulate your circadian rhythm among other things, according to the Sleep Foundation.

Moore hasn’t had the easiest postpartum time, as she has previously opened up about having mastitis while breastfeeding Ozzie. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have to stress about: her kids’ relationship with each other.

“So far, it’s been pretty dreamy—I feel bad saying that,” Moore told Parents earlier this month about being a mom of two. “The second we brought Ozzie home, he just wants to kiss him. He wants to be close to him.” It’s so sweet! Hopefully the no-sleep will be just a blip that Moore can put behind her soon enough and enjoy those sweet snuggles.

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