Mandy Moore Confronts Paparazzo Who Tried Photographing Son August During Family Hike

Mandy Moore has had enough. The This Is Us actor and mom to 9-month-old son, August, who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith, has a serious message for the certain paparazzo who has been trying to tag along on her Sunday morning walks with her son.

After attempting to take a Nov. 28 walk with August on Sunday, Moore shared her feelings about the intrusive situation on her Instagram account. “To the paparazzi dude who just tried to join me and my son on our walk for the second Sunday in a row you can kindly fuck off,” Moore wrote on her Nov. 28 Instagram Stories. 

Moore is clearly upset, and we believe she’s in the right. The new mom has posted personal photos and moments of her son before, from breastfeeding selfies on the This Is Us set to documenting her experience traveling with an infant on a plane for the very first time. But Moore has every right to post her own life as she sees fit — and she doesn’t want photographers thinking they can do the same just because she’s a public figure. “Same dude that harassed Taylor and I when I was 10-months-pregnant and Jackson was in the hospital fighting for his life,” Moore continued. “ I know my line of work puts me in a position for this kind of stuff but go find someone who courts it, ya know? We live in a quiet part of town for a reason. you weren’t invited to tag along on my day.”

The actor’s reference to Jackson is about her rescue dog — according to People, Moore previously shared to her Instagram Stories that her pup had to undergo an emergency surgery to remove a mass in his abdomen in Feb. 2021. Moore was still pregnant with August at the time, and we’re pretty sure the last thing she needed, or wanted, was the paparazzi following her around. 

We have your back, Mandy Moore! We applaud you for leaning into those protective mom instincts.

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