Hilary Duff Opened Up on the Exact Way She Talks About Her Ex-Husband with Their Son

Theres’s a sweet, thoughtful way Hilary Duff speaks about her ex-husband Mike Comrie. The former couple share one child, 10-year-old Luca, and Duff told Grazia in a recent interview that the two discuss Comrie frequently and openly.

“I had Luca with my ex-husband and we talk about it often,” she said. “I like to tell him about how I met his father, about the good times we spent together, about the greatest joy when I found out I was pregnant and how his father and I coped with pregnancy. It is a very sweet thing. As adults we forget how nice it was to hear our parents’ stories when we were children.”


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Duff and Comrie got divorced in 2016. Since then, the How I Met Your Father star has gotten married to musician Matthew Koma and the couple share two kids: 3-year-old Banks and 1-year-old Mae.

According to Duff’s sister Haylie, there’s a tightness that remains between Comrie and the Duff family. “Mike is great. He’s still very close with our family, so I think it makes it easy for everybody to coparent or co-family,” she told Us Weekly in 2019.  “Because at the end of the day, it’s about Luca and what’s best for him and we love Mike.” 

That’s not to say it’s always been an easy road to navigate. Duff told Redbook in 2017 that divorce “sucks” — adding, “well, it did suck for a while; now it’s just normal.” These days, Duff said, there’s a healthy, loving way they tackle the complicated journey of co-parenting.

“We do the best we can every day and we always try to take each other into consideration and put Luca first,” she explained to E! “The base of it is we truly care about each other and we are good friends and we love each other’s family and we love our kid. And that’s just it. It’s not always that simple, but for the most part, when you break it down, that’s how it works.”

Co-parenting and divorce are truly no easy feats but we’re incredibly impressed (and inspired!) by the way Duff is handling the situation.

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