Dads Who Completely Won Us Over in 2018

Sure, we write a lot about motherhood over here at SheKnows (obviously), but there have been quite a few dads who’ve charmed us — and the internet — this year with their seriously super parenting. You won’t want to miss out on these guys. Here are some of our favorite dads who went viral this year.

Bravest dad of 2018

When the Camp Fire devoured massive swaths of Northern California this year, many families were forced to flee for their lives, leaving everything behind. Joe Allen evacuated his Paradise home with his daughter, Olivia, 3 — singing as he drove to keep her spirits up and her stress down. Grace under pressure at its most tender.

Most inspiring dad of 2018

Kennith Thomas, a dance instructor, leveled up in dad points when his 20-month-old son, Kristian (born with Down syndrome and a cancer requiring chemo treatment), was finally released from the hospital after a monthlong stay. Melt. Thomas captioned a video of his bedside moves, “When you wake up to your sons number LEVELS UP!! And we get to go home for a few days as he is killing CANCER!!” These are happy tears, we promise.

Most creative dad of 2018

Seymore Harrison Jr. and daughter Charity, 6, are so cool they came up with a parody video of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” to help her sell Girl Scout cookies — never guessing they’d be going viral big-time. How big-time? Donald Glover/Childish Gambino himself met Charity on the Late Show and bought 113 boxes of the Girl Scout treats from her. Mission accomplished… and then some. Talk about a sweet father-daughter relationship.

Best playmate dad of 2018 (not that kind of playmate, people)

How fun would it be to have a dad like this? Wanna be Spiderman? This dad’s got the upper-body strength to make it happen — and some pretty awesome sound effects too.

Best workout buddy dad of 2018

Australian dad Ash Mills found that the best way to bond with his acrobat daughter, Alex, was to try to keep up with her gymnastics prowess (with hilarious results). They’ve been at it for a few years now, and their easy rapport is a joy to see. The two have an Instagram account that is guaranteed to give you the giggles. And Dad gets a perfect score for effort.

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