Brittany Mahomes Shares the Reality of Packing with a 1-Year-Old in Adorable New Video

A lot of things are different when you become a mom. Taking a shower with no interruptions, peacefully sleeping in on the weekend without being woken up and strolling through the grocery store without a little one begging for every snack in the aisle are all prime examples. One of the biggest changes post-motherhood, though, is your inability to pack quickly and efficiently for any sort of trip — something Brittany Mahomes, who shares 1-year-old daughter Sterling with husband Patrick Mahomes — hilariously showed us in an adorable Instagram story.

The video, which Brittany posted to her May 19 Instagram stories, featured Sterling front and center in all of her cuteness. Donning only a diaper and her wavy blonde locks, the busy little 1-year-old was sitting inside an open suitcase that was slowly being filled up with toiletries and other on-the-go essentials in what seems to be Brittany’s bathroom. “So this is how packing is going this morning,” Mahomes says in the video, as Sterling curiously looks around the room.

Although it’s unclear of the type of trip Brittany and Sterling are packing for, the Mahomes family often shares cute updates of the outings they take together as a trio — like the time the couple took Sterling to a baseball game, or when Brittany and Sterling cheered on the NFL Kansas City Chief quarterback as he played on the field.

As cute as the video is, other moms can relate to the situation all too well — and how packing with a little one can sometimes prove to be a challenging (albeit adorable) task.

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