Bindi Irwin Posts Side-by-Side Shot of Daughter Grace & Her ‘Bunny’ in Sweet Birthday Tribute

Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace Warrior, 1, loves spending time with her “Bunny” — aka, her grandma Terri Irwin! Terri is the matriarch of the Irwin family and the wife of the late Steve Irwin. She is also an Australia Zoo conservationist, and stars in Crikey! It’s The Irwins with the rest of the family. But she has a special place in her heart for her only granddaughter Grace, and Irwin’s latest side-by-side photos on Instagram shows how much Terri cares for the little girl.

In honor of Terri’s 58th birthday today, Irwin posted four photos of Terri holding Grace and revealing her special nickname.

“Grace’s ‘Bunny,’” Irwin wrote, referring to her Terri. That’s such a cute nickname, especially for a little girl who loves animals!

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“Our beautiful daughter is blessed beyond measure to have all the love in the world from my sweet mama ❤️,” she continued. “Happy Birthday, Bunny!”

In the first picture, Terri and Grace are in matching khaki outfits. Terri kneels on the grass next to a chicken and a rooster, while holding a newborn Grace. She is yawning with her eyes shut tight and wearing cute green socks and hat. It’s so sweet! Slide over to see an updated photo, this one is a selfie with Irwin holding Grace in front of a gorgeous tree. Grace has the biggest smile on her face as she holds her Bunny’s hand.

Another photo in the post is a selfie taken by Terri’s son Robert, 18. He’s in the picture as well as Irwin and Terri is holding a bundled up Grace. The last photo is a picture of three generations of Irwin women, with Terri holding Grace’s hand. Irwin sits next to them with a white Cockatoo sits perched on her arm that Grace is completely  captivated by the pretty bird. This is the sweetest moment.

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Irwin also posted a picture of the whole family in matching khaki yesterday. Irwin sits next to husband Chandler Powell and holds Grace on the couch. Robert and Terri are kneeled next to them, and everyone is smiling at the camera except Grace, who has her hand in her mouth.

“Mum, I couldn’t wait to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Irwin captioned the photo. “So excited to celebrate your birthday tomorrow and the amazing, beautiful, inspiring person you are. Thank you for being born. ❤️”

She continued, “I love you more than I could possibly describe and every day I’m grateful for your kind heart and strong soul. Of all the good things in this world, you’re the most wonderful.”

Robert showed his mom some love yesterday, too.

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“Happy birthday mum!” he captioned a post on Instagram, filled with photos of his mom. “Thank you for taking us all on so many adventures and for inspiring me every single day. You are the strongest person I know. Love you 💛

“These photos and memories are so wonderful,” Irwin commented. We couldn’t agree more!


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