After four failed TV presenter Anneke Dürkopp births: finally in the baby luck

15-30 per cent of all expectant mothers suffer a miscarriage. One of them is the Sat1-presenter Anneke Dürkopp. Self-doubt and fear of failure plagued the 39-Year-old. But Give up, the fighter is never in question. For them, it was clear that she wanted a child. At the fifth attempt it worked finally, Anneke was pregnant.

Here you can see the moving video interview with presenter Anneke Dürkopp

FOCUS Online presenter Anneke Dürkopp gets son after four miscarriages
Weather Fairy Anneke Dürkopp had a tragic four miscarriages cope in just three years. The cost today, 39-year-old a lot of power. Despite the setbacks, she was not beaten and was from the beginning very open with her vain desire to have children. Quickly, she realized that it relates to other women in your environment and it is not with their suffering alone.
After the futile Attempt to Anneke and her husband opted for an artificial insemination with success. She tells in episode 11 of stand-up.

“2019 is a very special year for me.”

The occasion of the new episode is a very special joyous – Anneke is now a mom. She told presenter Julia, like her mom everyday life expires and why she is with the sleep nights, can do quite well, and allows us to participate in your unbridled happiness.

“I’m now around the clock.”

But it also tells of why the euphoria is sometimes clouded:
“Today, I have other Fears: Everyone has told me how great the love is, but people neglected to tell me that you Worry about so much."

In the new episode of the stand-up’s Anneke says but especially the magical Moment, when her son saw the light and reveals what she’s happy now!!!

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