Woman can no longer eat: Doctors remove 15 pounds of Tumor

The successful Operation lasted four hours, said a spokeswoman for the hospital. The patient is well under the circumstances. The Tumor had spread next to the bowel, and pushed. As a result, the patient could eat nothing more, as chief physician Rigo Voigt, according to the memo explained.

“Even on a University tumor centers a Tumor of this magnitude is a rarity,” he said. Four surgeons managed accordingly, the complex engagement of the upper abdominal organs such as the pancreas and spleen were affected.

The chief physician was operating a giant tumor

The woman had initially visited their family physician because she had lost more and more weight. In a clinic the Tumor was eventually found.

For Voigt, the second giant tumor, it was already in his time as chief physician for General, visceral, vascular and thoracic surgery. In 2012, he removed with colleagues in the case of a 71-Year-old a Tumor with a diameter of 37 centimeters and a weight of 21 kilograms.