Why are people fat? Researchers are now making an important discovery and are surprised

Why are people fat? Researchers from the Helmholtz centre in Munich, the answer to this question came a step closer.

With the help of a new 3D process, you have determined that an impaired Transport of the satiety hormone Leptin in the brain accepted as in the past – is the cause. The results of their research they published in the "International Journal of Obesity", such as the Helmholtz center announced on Thursday.

Cause of Obesity must lie in the nerve cells

The method enabled the scientists to make an experiment with mice, the way of the hormone in the brain as Video visible, and track. The result: The make tired was the end of hormone Leptin in both thin as well as thick mice in sufficient quantities in the brain. The cause for the eating, so the conclusion of the researchers, must be in the nerve cells themselves.

Leptin is an important satiety hormone made by fat tissue. A man is not just tired of it, though he eats a lot, it may be due to Leptin resistance. "The Affected have a constant Hunger, as your fat stores wouldn’t be long gefüllt", it is stated in the message.

Further results are intended to help in the development of therapies

"Previously, it was assumed that the root cause of your hormone resistance is an impaired transport process ist", Luke Harrison, a doctoral student said at the Helmholtz center and first author of the study, puts this assumption now.

"We can narrow down the cause of Leptin resistance and our research on the molecular mechanisms within the nerve cells fokussieren", Paul Pfluger from the Institute for Diabetes and obesity at the Helmholtz centre said. "All processes in our saturation are decrypted behaviour, we can develop new therapies against obesity and fat people specifically with weight loss support."