‘We should investigate’: How many times you should suffer from bloating before seeing a GP

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Dr. Megan told Express.co.uk there is a time when bloating indicates a need to see your GP. The constipation and bloating expert warned Express.co.uk readers.

The health expert explained some bloating is perfectly normal.

She said: “We often get bloated from time to time. Maybe if we overdo it on Christmas Day, for example.

“If we eat too much at once or have a buffet dinner then you’re going to get bloated because it’s the physical distension of the gut.

“When bloating becomes abnormal is when you can’t actually explain it.

“All of a sudden you’re bloated, and usually it’s happening at least once a week and impacting your quality of life.

“That’s the sort of bloating where I say, ‘we probably should investigate’.”

The doctor said bloating is not always a negative thing, and in fact, it can indicate your gut is healthy.

The gut naturally extends and distends – especially when we eat.

Other lifestyle habits can also cause bloating, like drinking.

Megan said: “In fact, I like to see a little bit of bloating because it can be a sign of a health.

“When we eat things like fibre, what happens is the bacteria in the gut release a little bit of gas.

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“It’s one of the waste products the gut produces and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.”

Megan explained when it is advisable to see your GP.

She said: “If you can’t explain your bloating, and it’s not because you’ve had a really bad meal or because you’ve eaten loads, once a week – that’s when I recommend that you have a think about what other things could be causing it.”

Megan also detailed symptoms, which – when accompanying bloating – should be taken seriously.

She said: “If they’ve got unintended weight loss associated with that bloating. If they find blood in their stool. If they’ve got low blood levels. They’ve got fever.”

She explained these sorts of symptoms could be a sign of colon cancer.

There is no cause for serious concern, the expert said, but she added: “It’s good just to throw out those red flags.

“Often it’s just a really quick visit to the GP and some simple tests to rule out those sorts of things.”

The doctor also recently advised a surprising clothing item could be the cause of bloating.

Dr. Megan Rossi warned Express.co.uk readers not to wear leggings all day.

Tight clothing such as workout clothes or tight jeans can contribute to bloating.

She said: “We know wearing out gym gear all day, so wearing really tight clothes can actually exacerbate bloating.

“So, if you are going to the gym, get out of your tight gym gear. Don’t go to brunch in it.”

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