Vegan diet: Good for the heart

The best diet for the heart is vegan or vegetarian

Around the globe, cardiovascular disease for 46 percent of deaths from non-communicable diseases are responsible, or, in other words for 17.5 million Deaths in each year.

In 2018, a Review was published (a Review), according to the risk for heart disease by 40 percent, if you eat a vegetarian or vegan.

Also in 2018, wrote researchers in a further Review, a number of values in diabetic patients can improve (blood sugar, long-term sugar, cholesterol, weight), if these change to a plant-based diet, so that not only the Diabetes itself, but also the increased cardiovascular risk of diabetic patients can in this way be reduced.

Plant-based diet can reverse some heart disease even

In the first, referred to study reports, the researchers at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, of clear Indications that a plant-based diet a atherosclerosis not only prevent, but also reverse can. In addition, a plant-based diet lowers blood pressure, diseases of the blood fat values and a possible Obesity – three important risk factors for cardiovascular.

Plant-based diet can open clogged blood vessels again

In particular, the results of the review were as follows. A plant-based diet…

  • …reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 40 percent
  • …reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 40 percent
  • …opens fully or partly previously clogged blood vessels in 91 percent of patients studied
  • …lowers the risk for high blood pressure by 34 percent
  • …lowers the total cholesterol value in comparison to non-vegetarian diets by an average of 29 mg/dL and the LDL-value of 23 mg/dL
  • …usually leads to a weight loss

Plant-based diet for the heart is better than drugs

“A plant-based diet actually has the power, heart diseases not only prevent, but in some cases, this also again so u influence, you back form what drugs in General do not create,” says Dr. Hana Kahleova, Director of clinical research at the Physicians Committee (physicians Committee for responsible medicine, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington DC, the vegan diet, preventive medicine and Alternatives to animal research).

Healthy lifestyle reduces heart attack risk by up to 94 percent

Ultimately, it appeared from the Review that a healthy diet and way of life can reduce the risk for a heart attack by 81 to 94 percent, while drugs to achieve a risk reduction of only 20 to 30 percent.

Heart health is being affected by a vegan or vegetarian diet, so positive, because plant-based foods rich in fiber and secondary plant substances, which have anti-inflammatory and oxidative Stress, such as carotenoids, anthocyanins, lycopene and many others.

“Heart disease is the most common worldwide cause of death. Our study shows that this should not be,” says ” Dr. Kahleova.

For more information about the healing effects of exercise and proper nutrition (incl. Diet) on the heart, you can find here.