‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Just Shared The Exact Diet That Helped Her Lose 15 Pounds

Scheana Shay just shared more details of the diet and exercise plan that helped her shed 15 pounds.

The Vanderpump Rules star recently told Life & Style magazine that she’s been working with trainer-nutritionist Seth Browning on a carb-cycling plan, which consists of rotating days of eating carbs with days of totally skipping them.

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“When we first started I was doing three days of no carbs and one day of healthy carbs—and that helped kick my body into shape,” she said. One of her go-to dinners on a restricted carbs day? “Salmon with lots of grilled vegetables.”

But Scheana still admits to having the occasional cheat day (she is human, after all). “I love Mexican food!” To make sure she stays on track most of the time, though, she makes sure to drink tons of water. “That is the one thing I do every meal,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Scheana’s talked about her carb-cycling diet. Back in November, Scheana said she started carb cycling because of one too many football game day snacks—and she’d had some pretty awesome results. “My stomach’s getting a little flatter,” she told Us Weekly.

In addition to her carb-cycling diet, the 33-year-old also said she’s been training hard four to five days a week, doing a mix of total body workouts and more focused ones, like a day strictly focused on legs, butt, or core. Scheana and her trainer also shared more of her total body workouts in an e-book called Scheana’s Slimdown.

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