Ulrika Jonsson health: The condition that made the star ‘not want to go on’

Ulrika Jonsson enjoys sunny weather at home with her dog

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The show which pushes celebs both physically and mentally will be even more of a challenge for Ulrika Jonsson who suffers with arthritis in both her hips and a lower back injury. Weighing in at seven and a half stone, the former model was worried that she wouldn’t even be able to pass the physical and emotional tests required to take part in the first place.

On another TV appearance, this time where she tried to find love, Ulrika revealed more about her medical conditions.

Whilst on Celebrity First Dates Hotel for Stand Up 2 Cancer, the presenter joked to her date Paul about not being able to run due to arthritis.

She said: “I run like I’m running for help. I’ve got arthritis in both hips and a lower back problem.”

Although said with a joke and a smile, in a piece for the Daily Mail back in 2011, Ulrika tells of how her health conditions made her not “want to go on.”

It was in September 2007 when she found out she had arthritis in both her hips.

And whilst pregnant with her fourth child was told by doctors at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor that she could not receive injections to ease the pain.

The star had been taking painkillers to also help her back pain.

The pain which she describes as like “acide being poured down [the] lower parts of [her] spine,” occurred suddenly whilst bending down at a local chemist’s shop.

Being in agonising pain almost constantly it got to the stage where Ulrika couldn’t even sit on a chair properly.

In the end she was prescribed pregabalin, a powerful drug that is also used to treat epilepsy as it stabilises electrical messages in the brain.

Although common osteoarthritis can cause severe difficulties for some people.

Similar to Ulrika’s experience, partaking in certain activities is impossible due to stiffness and pain.

Typical symptoms of osteoarthritis according to the NHS include:

  • Mild inflammation of the tissues in and around the hip joint
  • Damage to cartilage, the strong, flexible tissue that lines the bones
  • Bony growths (osteophytes) that develop around the edge of the hip joint.

Causes of osteoarthritis

Usually hip pain is caused by bones rubbing together because they are abnormally shaped.

Although other causes include a tear in cartilage, hip dysplasia (hip joints being the wrong shape for the leg bone) or an infection can all be pinpointed to be the cause.

If hip pain is enduring it is best to seek advice from your local GP.

However, if you are noticing some slight discomfort, there are certain steps to manage hip pain at home.

These include the following:

  • Losing weight- if you’re overweight to relieve some of the strain on your hip
  • Avoid activities that make the pain worse, such as downhill running
  • Wearing flat shoes
  • Avoid standing for long periods
  • See a physiotherapist or look for some proven muscle-strengthening exercises
  • Take painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen

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