This Kettlebell Complex Will Challenge Your Whole Body

Here’s the great thing about kettlebell complexes: They give you a chance to attack every single part of your body as you chain different motions (pulls, pushes, lunges, squats, and the like) together in athletic ways. Case in point: this total-body complex from trainer Jay T. Maryniak. Chest, shoulders, back, legs, core—it nails them all while jacking up your heart rate for major calorie burn, too.

All you’ll need is a pair of equal-weight kettlebells and a few square feet of floor space to pull this one off. Set both bells on the floor with the handles running vertically; you’ll maintain a neutral grip throughout the four-move complex. And be prepared to sweat, because this one will leave you drenched.

For the first, grab the handles, jump your feet back, perform a push-up, and jump your feet back up next to the bells, feet wider than shoulder-width, torso almost parallel to the ground. Now row the bells to your ribcage, lower them back down to the floor, and hit the third move by cleaning the kettlebells to a rack position in front of your shoulders. To finish things off, perform a thruster, a squat to an overhead press. Lower the bells back down between your feet—and do it all again.

The great thing about this workout is how it forces you to attack key body movements you want in all your overall training. You’re opening with a pushup, a push move, then you’re following with a row, a critical exercise to offset bad posture. Then you’re hammering your legs with that thruster, and getting a little shoulder work when you’re pressing overhead, too.

Keep your core tight through it all and battle to maintain strong wrist position. You’ll run through this complex five times in each set, then rest for 1-2 minutes. Aim to do 6 to 8 sets for serious total-body burn.

Use a weight that you can shoulder-press with good form. That’ll be the hardest part of this sequence, so that’s how you can figure out the right load.

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