This Is Your New Favorite Lawnmower Beer

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Name: Citrus Jammer
Brewer: Sixpoint, Brooklyn, NY
Style: Gose-style Ale
ABV: 4.0%

There’s a certain kind of thirst you work up when you’re outside hacking branches, planting shrubs, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and otherwise hand-molding your piece of property into something respectable.

It’s the kind of thirst that comes tinged with a sense of entitlement. Water? Bah, I’ve earned myself a real drink. You could throw back an American light lager, or you could actually give yourself the reward you deserve. You could give yourself this beer, which is dry and puckered with lemon and lime and empowered with a salt, which elevates everything to a level of ahhhhhhhhh now that’s the ticket.

At 4% ABV, you could technically go back to working in the yard after you’re finished with a can.

Or you could have another one.

Pairs Well With: mulching, seasonal allergies (cuts right through that post-nasal drip), friendly waves to neighbors, sitting in your garage with the door open, baseball on the radio, tuning up the lawnmower, more Citrus Jammer

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