The User-conversation: how Much coffee do you drink per day?

Get up, make coffee – only then can the day go so right. Many people will know this procedure very well. Others need no coffee, might have even stopped at one point to drink the black stuff.

But how many liters of coffee per day is actually still in the frame? A study from the year 2019, has revealed that a coffee consumption of six cups per day in order. The scientists have found the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

Compared to people who drink one to two cups of coffee per day, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in coffee drinkers by 11 percent, in the case of drinkers of decaffeinated coffee by 7 per cent and in people who drink over six cups of coffee per day to 22 per cent.

Now the questions for our Community:

  • How much coffee do you drink per day?
  • Have you changed your consumption?
  • How do you feel with your drinking behavior?
  • Discuss in the comment section. We look forward to your contributions. Here you can jump directly into the comment area.