Studies compulsory for midwives – Spahn sends expectant Midwives to Uni

Who wants to be a midwife, must in the future study. The draft law of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), which is submitted to the editorial office network in Germany and now between the departments of the Federal government to be voted on.

"The requirements to the obstetrics are constantly increasing. A dual course of study with a major practical component, the best Vorbereitung", Spahn says the RND. "Thus, the attractiveness of the profession increases."

So far midwives have been trained in schools of Midwifery. Apply could be the conclusion there, each of the intermediate secondary school or equivalent education. In the future, a twelve-year General school education is essential. In addition to the dual study programme with a high Practical content no other training paths are possible in the future.

"Midwives to the requirements of the more complex health system können&quot encounter;

Spahn fails to implement only a project of the coalition agreement, but also a Directive of the European Union (EU). It stipulates that the training must be reformed for the professional field no later than the beginning of 2020. "Midwives should meet the requirements of the increasingly complex healthcare system through a more sophisticated, more scientific, and at the same time vocational training to meet können", it is said in the draft of the Minister of health.