Stomach-churning video shows Miss Foot Fixer cut out ingrown toenail

Stomach-churning video shows Miss Foot Fixer cut out the bloody ingrown toenail of a desperate patient who travelled 130 miles for the treatment

  • The video shows podiatrist Marian Yau, aka Miss Foot Fixer, treating a toe
  • She cuts the sides of the nail off and digs out the ingrown parts 
  • The procedure leaves a small square of nail in the centre and open wounds
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A stomach-churning video has revealed the moment a doctor repairs an ingrown toenail.

Miss Foot Fixer, a podiatrist in London, filmed the footage of her treating a patient’s bloody toenail, which had grown deep inside their foot.

She cuts away the curled sides of the toenail, pulling them out from deep inside the nail folds on either side and revealing gaping holes where they had dug in.

After the patient’s left-side big toe has been treated it is scrubbed clean and left with a small square of nail which should return to near-normal in future.

The video posted by Miss Foot Fixer, real name Marion Yau, begins with her clearing away bits of dead skin and dried blood from around the ingrown toenail

Miss Foot Fixer, real name Marion Yau, is a podiatrist on Harley Street in London.

In this video she treats an unidentified patient who made the 130-mile (209km) trip from Nottingham to get their ‘really bad’ ingrown toenail treated.

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At the start of the clip, Ms Yau scrapes away dried blood from across the toenail and surrounding skin using a sharp metal tool.

She uses the same tool to peel off bits of dead skin around the nail then mops the toe with a piece of blood-stained gauze before bringing out the big clippers.

Ms Yau then uses large clippers to cut the nail vertically down to the root and grips it with forceps before pulling out a curled piece of nail from the nail bed

At the end of the procedure the patient is left with a small square of nail in the middle, after the sides were cut away, which will hopefully return to near-normal in the future


An ingrown toenail is a common condition in which the sides of a toenail – usually on the big toe – grow downwards into the flesh instead of growing straight out.

It causes the nail to make a sort of upturned ‘U’ shape on the toe.

The condition can be painful and cause swelling or even infection in the surrounding skin.

Wearing tight or pointed shoes, cutting the toenail in a semi-circular shape, or cutting the sides can be potential causes of ingrown toenails.

To try and treat an ingrown toenail at home before it gets worse you should leave the nail to grow out, wear wide and comfortable shoes, soak the foot in warm water up to four times a day to soften the skin, and take paracetamol or ibuprofen if it is particularly painful.

If it does not heal itself a podiatrist may need to cut away parts of the nail or remove the whole nail.

Source: NHS 

Using the large nail clippers Ms Yau proceeds to cut directly down the side of each nail, from the tip of the toe down to the nail bed.

She then uses a separate, sharper implement to drive under the skin behind the cuticle and cut the part of the nail which hasn’t grown out yet.

Ms Yau then hooks the metal tool underneath the edge of the toenail and pulls upward to extract the ingrown section she has just sliced off.

In the disgusting clip, the nail curls out from beneath the skin where it has been growing in the wrong direction, and leaves a dark gap.

She does the same on both sides and the pieces of nail Ms Yau removes are about half the length of the entire toe.

Leaving a square of nail in the middle, only marginally bigger than the nail on the second toe, she then scrapes of the debris and dead skin and begins to clean the  toe.

She slides cotton buds covered with what appears to be antiseptic deep into the wounds left by the removed nail and rubs them around inside the flesh to clean it out.

At the end of the clip the camera pans out to show the patient’s third toe is also bandaged up, although it isn’t clear why.

The full video is available on Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau’s YouTube channel. 

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