Self-written Testament must be hand-written

Self-written wills are very often faulty or ineffective. The result is that the implementation of the last will again and again to difficulties. For example, it is often not known that a self-authored Testament must always be written by Hand.

In addition, it is important that a hand-written Testament in the following form complies with alien: It must be clearly as a Testament, is characterized, for example, by the Heading "Testament" or "My last Wille". It also must be the place and date and by the testator’s own hand and signed included, and on every page of the Testament. When it comes to the fact that the bequest allows is clearly formulated. It must be clearly named as to who should inherit which Parts.

If you want to go Sure, that a will meets all the legal requirements, it is best to ask a notary public. In this case, the Testament can also consist of typewritten pages, signed by the testator. A notary costs money and advises you independently and created the Testament as a deed, inheritance disputes to prevent.

The author of a will should suffer from dementia, the question of Testierfähigkeit for additional uncertainty. Because in the course of the illness, the Affected persons lose the ability to make important decisions. The Alzheimer’s research Initiative e. V. therefore recommends that rules and at the latest at the time of diagnosis, who will later inherit something, and what should happen with their assets. For more information on this topic can order members and stakeholders on the website free-of-charge.


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