Recall of carrot spread: health note on pack is missing

The Dutch company A-ware Tapas b. v. calls back in Germany, displaced persons, carrot spread. Especially for people who suffer from a food intolerance, is the note important.

The product is "DELI DELIGHT Spicy carrot spread with ginger, 150 g" the date of minimum durability 25.11.2019. The reason for the recall incorrect labeling, which can be for people with a food intolerance is problematic.

Due to a labelling error, the note on the packaging that the product sesame paste contains missing. "This can result in people who have a sesame seed intolerance, allergic reactions, which is why this group of people, it is essential that the consumption is discouraged wird", so A-ware Tapas b. v.

Customers who bought the carrot spread can enter it in the respective market return and get the purchase price refunded, without submission of receipts.

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