Partnership: This form of uncertainty should be after a year away

Clearly, the beginning of any relationship is very exciting, filled with adventure, butterflies in the belly and big feelings. We don’t know what to expect and that is exactly exciting. The flip side of the coin is, of course, that we need to build intimacy and real trust to each other.

We don’t know each other yet, which is why a number of uncertainties, in terms of his behavior or the relationship itself, are also completely normal.

The time should resolve this but then all alone in the air. This is not the case, can’t that be an indication that it is in the relationship as rosy as you might think.

Especially after a year you had to with your Partner so that you have the following uncertainties come to mind.

You wonder where the journey goes

Maybe two was initially very clear, what is it between you at all and you’re all loose addressed – is entirely legitimate.

If you’re after a common year, still not sure whether you have an affair or serious about each other says, then that is a Problem you desperately need to talk.

You’re happy with the Situation, that is, of course, obsolete, break you to you but your head about whether your Partner is serious about you, or your Partner, you need clarity in any case of your Status.

You have been talking however, and often about and you’ll constantly hold, you should make you thoughts, if the Whole still has a sense …

Are you in bed still unsure

Ok, Sex is not in a relationship, of course everything, a great role of the most beautiful plays in the world.

You can’t engage with you after 12 months is still really on your Partner, and have problems, let yourself fall, to talk openly about your sexual needs or have a Complex about your body, you should think about why this can are the uncertainties.

Of course, you may discover after a year in bed, still New and doesn’t have to work like clockwork. To allow this, but only if enough trust and openness to try things out. Inhibitions are in bed in the wrong place and you should give to think.

Maybe it’s your Partner that does not provide you with reasons to trust him a hundred percent, you may need to but also to you and your own self-doubt to work.

To make you about your uncertainty of thought, the first step is to go to them and to overcome them.

You’re afraid of armed

Clashes likely to make anyone fun and yet a certain degree of conflict in a relationship is quite normal and even healthy. Are you reluctant, however, before that, to address things because you are afraid of, a fight to break loose, this is a clear sign that you’re not telling your Partner certain sides of you. It is not that you interfere with certain things, on the contrary, You swallow it down, because you don’t feel safe enough. You’re afraid of, a dispute could destroy the relationship. Therein lies the Problem: A stable partnership can withstand conflicts and sometimes needs certain frictions. Finally, things you want to learn from each other and grow together. This is only possible, if also the unsightly things can be honestly addressed and discussed.

You can’t show your true self

While it is completely legitimate to keep certain things as a little secrets for yourself, you should have in a relationship nevertheless feel to be able to your Partner tell you everything. You’re not supposed to know that he loves only your positive sides, but also your negative. If you’re instead afraid to show exactly this less beautiful facets of your personality, know your Partner you never really.

The fear of rejection is greater than the feelings of your Partner. This need not have necessarily have anything to do with the behavior of the other, but lies deep Inside of you rooted: unprocessed experiences from the past and old injuries can bring these uncertainties to the fore. To get awareness is the first step to you open.

Learn from characters such as these, and use them to develop yourself and to open step-by-step in your relationship. You need to make you a no pressure – you can move at a leisurely pace in your own pace to the front …

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