Number of measles infections in Europe has become Mature in 2018 to triple eight

With measles have been infected in the past year in the Europe Region of the world health organization (WHO), as many people in the last ten years. The number of cases rose within a year to three times that reported to the WHO office for Europe in Copenhagen. Compared with 2016 15 would have been even times as many people infected. 2016 was recorded with a low record for the contagions.

In Germany, the Trend was reported to be in opposite directions: After a good 900 measles cases in 2017, have been reported in the past year, only 500 cases.

In the 53 countries in the Region in 2018, almost 82.600 people had with measles infected – 72 children and adults had died of it, according to the WHO. As one of the Region alongside the EU, Russia, Turkey, Israel and in Asia, the countries of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

By far the most difficult in the Ukraine with over 53,000 cases was affected. More than 2000 cases were reported from Serbia (5076), Israel (2919), France (2913), Russia (2256), Italy (2517), Georgia (2203) and Greece (2193).

Virus can infect the brain

Even so many people against measles had been vaccinated in the Region in the past year, at the same time like never before. But it’s not that rich yet, said the Director of the regional Bureau Zsuzsanna Jakab. "We must do more and better, in order to protect every single Person from diseases, which can easily be avoided." The Virus can invade the brain and is therefore dangerous. The WHO hopes to eliminate measles worldwide.