Norwegian rescues a puppy and infected with rabies, now she’s dead

A helpless, sweet puppy on the roadside somewhere in the Philippines stirred a holidaymaker from Norway. Now the 24-Year-old is dead – died of rabies as a result of a small scratch from dog to baby. So dangerous is the infection and you can do about it.

Your animal your love was fatal: A 24-year-old Norwegian died three months after their return from the Philippines-vacation to rabies. There they had rescued a puppy from the roadside, took him home, played with it and a few scratches. But the little cute dog was infected with one of the most terrible pathogen that it is.

Like most Europeans, Birgitte Kallestad had no part in a deadly disease, as it supplied the small skin scratches, only superficial. Ill she was back in her home town of Fjell. Also there, the Doctors came to the deadly disease, as the symptoms were stronger and there was no rescue for the young woman. In Norway it had been since 1815(!) no fatal rabies case.

Family calls for vaccination for all high-risk countries

Their family was now with the sad story to the Public, to warn long-distance travelers against the unexpected danger. Because, like most travellers in tropical regions, neither the young woman nor her travel group was vaccinated against rabies.

This vaccination is not part of the classical recommendations on vaccination against tropical diseases, besides the necessary three syringes are fairly expensive (about 200 Euro).

In the “image” – quoted open letter to the press, the members write: “…Our beloved Birgitte loved animals. We are afraid that someone happens that is so warm-hearted. We want the rabies vaccination is recommended where there is rabies, and that the people on the danger…“

A rabies vaccination helps even immediately after an infection, but not when the viral infection has broken out.

How is it transmitted?

The Virus is transmitted by mammals. In the case of foxes, or bats, the disease is occasionally. In Florida, there was the beginning of 2018, a fatal rabies case, a six-year-old by a bat, was bitten, had found his father in the garden. In the third world, dogs and cats are stray often infected.

Germany and some other European countries such as Switzerland, Finland, Italy and France are officially rabies-free.

Who is where at risk?

According to the world health organization (WHO), in up to 99 percent of all cases worldwide dogs for Transfer to the people responsible. According to estimates by the organization, approximately 59,000 people worldwide die every year of rabies, particularly in Asia and Africa.

A risk of infection in countries where rabies occurs all the time and more frequently. This is true for many popular travel destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, and South Africa.

In this case, the infection risk for “backpackers” who travel to a country cross-country is barely higher than for people residing in towns and cities. There is the danger of a stray is even dogs bigger. You should be puppies to pet, therefore, no case or take it with you – no sweet young kitten or dog.

Who should be vaccinated?

To rates, vaccination, tropical medicine for longer tourist or professional stays, not necessarily for the short business Trip in one of the risk countries.

Usual three vaccinations in the distance of seven and then 14 days. There was also a short immunization for Last-Minute travelers, which is to be administered within a week.

Why is rabies so dangerous?

Who is unvaccinated bitten by a rabies infected animal, or scratched, immediately life is in danger. As soon as symptoms such as paralysis, shy Light, and a panicked aversion to water, it is too late. A healing therapy, it does not give so far is it from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The rabies Virus attacks the brain, the patients are ill, neurologically severely. The severe symptoms occur until several weeks after infection. Initially, only the injured area starts to hurt. Later, agitation, and anxiety attacks. It is Aggression, and seizures consequences of seizures, and, finally, to the sick, fall into a coma and die of respiratory paralysis.

What to do in an emergency?

In the case of a bite or scratch, travellers will have to react immediately, and the wound well washed out. And then, as quickly as possible get vaccinated. Not more than 24 hours should elapse until the subsequent vaccination.

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