New life after liver SURGERY: a woman lost with a stroke, 40 kg

Doctors have removed a Austrian their of 17.5 kilogram liver. It was a so-called cysts of the liver, when the Organ is filled with liquid bubbles.

It was, at least in Europe, the biggest-ever away cysts of the liver, said Peter Schemmer from the University hospital of Graz on the Thursday at a press conference.

The 34-year-old female patient Verena Geier moved a year and a half after the Operation, a very positive balance sheet. You have a completely new life. "My abdominal circumference was so huge that I even have problems when driving a car hatte", she said. She had lost by the Operation, a total of 40 kilograms in weight. Because of their disease had also collected a lot of water in the abdomen which was also removed.

Cysts of the liver often involves the use of genetically

The disease had made in 2005 by fever. In a study of hollow were discovered in rooms in the liver. First of all, the course was observed only later, the woman got in the context of a study of special drugs that do not work. Until 2018, she decided, because of the urgent medical advice to liver Transplantation. "I gefürchtet&quot, before and after;, known the young woman, who has been working on since February.

A cyst of the liver occurs rarely. According to the hospital, one of 10 000 persons ill of it. The disease is mostly genetically determined, it said.