Miriam Margolyes shares toilet habits – ‘can’t hold it in or up’

Miriam tells Holly and Phillip she 'can't hold it in or up'

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Miriam Margoyles was talking about her travel series for Channel 4, where she explores Scotland with Alan Cumming. After a brief teaser of the show was played on This Morning episode, showing a van the start used for travelling, Phillip Schofield revealed that Miriam was “thrilled” about the loo.

Miriam responded: “It’s an essential, darling, because I can’t hold it on, in or up, wherever you hold it.

“I just have to go when I want to go.”

The actress didn’t speak about any further health conditions and the reasons behind the toilet habits.

However, signs like this could signal a common problem affecting millions of people, according to the NHS.

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This problem is urinary incontinence, which describes the unintentional passing of urine.

There are a few different types of urinary incontinence, ranging from stress incontinence to overflow incontinence, the NHS reports.

They are named based on the reason that causes your bladder to empty, for example, stress incontinence describes urine leak when your bladder is under pressure like when you cough or laugh.

In some cases, you might have a mix of two types.

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