Limit-skeptics Dieter Köhler gives false information to oxides of nitrogen

The opinion of the 107 lung doctors in January, the current limit values for fine dust and nitrogen dioxide in question had provided that contains a plurality of arithmetic and numerical errors. To research the “taz” has confirmed the lead author of the statement, Dr. Dieter Köhler of the newspaper.

Wrong köhler’s calculation, with which he compares the nitrogen dioxide pollution from road traffic, with the through the smoke.

In the opinion of the Doctors it means that a smoker inhale in a few months, the same amount of nitrogen oxide as a 80-year-old non-Smoking, all his life, outside air in the limit the area of the diaphragm. In fact, a smoker in the case of nitrogen dioxide, takes on this value comparison is according to Köhler – a quantity comparable to that in six to 32 years. The large error results due to an incorrect translation, and on the other by a wrong output value. The variance results from the fact that there are in cigarette smoke, according to Köhler no single value for the proportion of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Dieter köhler’s calculation by a factor of 10 wrong

Also, a calculation for the fine dust concentration, which is in the opinion, is wrong by a factor of 10. "This is so far aufgefallen&quot anyone yet;, Köhler the &quot said;taz". He acknowledges also, that the output value of his bill is far too high. As a basis for the calculation of the fine dust content of the cigarettes he had taken from the condensate value of the cigarettes, he stated with 10 to 25 milligrams per cigarette. In fact, a condensate since 2004 in the EU-limit value of 10 milligrams per cigarette, the average value is lower. "The setting of the EU, I knew nicht", admitted Köhler.

Köhler is not departing however from theses

From his statements about the limits of the retired pulmonary physician who was for several years President of the German society for pneumology, but no scientific publications on the topic of nitrogen oxide has to show for it does not want to move away, however. The "Größenordnung" to be more correct, commented Köhler for his wrong Numbers.

Numerous Epedemiologen and Environmental medicine had already indicated before that köhler’s reasoning is consistent with the prior research. “The so-called ‘position paper’ of these Doctors lacks any scientific basis and argument Kohärenz", about Professor Nino Künzli Swiss tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel said. Köhler’s comparison between the peak load while Smoking and the permanent load due to the outside air should also be independent of calculation errors, untrustworthy, explained Wolfgang Taut, physician and head of the Department for environmental hygiene at the Federal environment Agency. "This is due to the different temporal relationship is not useful."