Kim Kardashian West Claps Back Against Seriously Rude 'Bad Skin' Comment

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to paparazzi getting wayyy too close for comfort.

This time, the Daily Mail shared close-up photos of her face that showing visible bumps on her skin. In a tweet on Tuesday, the publication criticised Kim’s “bad skin day.”

“It’s no wonder the 38-year-old KKW Beauty CEO occasionally suffers a spot of bother with all the foundation and concealer she wears regularly,” the publication wrote.

Kim responded: “It’s psoriasis all over my face,” she replied, less than 10 minutes after the original tweet, adding a crying emoji.

Psoriasis is a common autoimmune disease that can cause dry and itchy skin, according to the Mayo Clinic. Signs and symptoms are different for everyone, but they often include dry, cracked skin that may bleed, patches of red skin covered in scales, and itching, burning or soreness.

Kim has been open about her skin issues for years, including as far back as 2011 on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While the mega celeb had previously been dealing with psoriasis symptoms on her legs, she tweeted about it spreading to her face in 2017.

Kim has been very vocal about her condition and says she’s working on coming to terms with it. “After this many years, I’ve really learned to live with it,” Kim said on her website in late 2016. “I don’t even really try to cover it that much anymore. Sometimes I just feel like it’s my big flaw and everyone knows about it, so why cover it?”

It’s not entirely known what causes psoriasis, but “it’s thought to be related to an immune system problem with T cells and other white blood cells, called neutrophils, in your body,” the Mayo Clinic says. There’s no cure for psoriasis, but symptoms can be treated with moisturizing and stress-management.

In late 2018 she wrote that her condition was becoming difficult to manage and asked Twitter for advice:

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), there are several options for treating psoriasis, including topical medication, light treatments and medication that works throughout your body.

I feel for Kim, but I’ve gotta say, it’s comforting to know everybody’s got their own skin issues. Kudos to Kim for being open about hers.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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