J.Lo Just Explained Literally All The Details Of Her 10-Day No-Carbs Challenge

If you haven’t heard that Jennifer Lopez (and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez) are on a 10-day, no-sugar, no-carb challenge, IDK where you’ve been. But they are—and now they’re dishing on the details.

J.Lo called into the TODAY Show on Friday to explain what the heck this challenge is, and why she and A.Rod are doing it. “It’s no sugar, no carbs,” J.Lo explained to Hoda Kotb (who, BTW, is totally on board with doing the challenge). “Anything that has sugar and carbs in it, you cannot have.”

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This 10-day challenge is starting to get lonely, so we’re challenging YOU! Join us 😉. 10 days, NO sugar, NO carbs, are you up for the challenge? 💋

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J.Lo then explained how the diet’s been making her feel (she’s only been on it for about five days at this point). “The first and second day is when you realize you’re addicted to sugar,” she said. “It’s like a drug.”

She also revealed that her trainer is the one who inspired the challenge. He told J.Lo the diet would “reset” her body in order to get her “on healthier carbs and healthier things that have sugar in them.” J.Lo said she felt like she ate too many carbs before this (she loves sugar—can you blame her?).

“Now when I go back to eating fruit in 10 days, it’s going to taste like an ice cream sundae,” J.Lo said, talking about how her taste for sugar might change on the diet after cutting it out.

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Day 4 & feeling….. a lil better 🙂 Who’s with me? #10daychallenge #NoCarbsNoSugar

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As far as side effects go, J.Lo said she did have a little bit of a “sinus thing” when she first cut out sugar and carbs (in response to Carson Daly asking her if she got a headache from it). Other than that, J.Lo appears to be feeling (and, duh, looking) great.

Another pro to the body “reset”: J.Lo says you can lose weight on the challenge. “You will lose a bunch of pounds on it, you will lose inches because…once you get rid of that sugar and those carbs it just starts coming off.” And even J.Lo herself has seen results: “Halfway through, five days through, I see a difference already,” she said—likely referencing that abs pic she posted on Thursday.

After some convincing, J.Lo talked the entire TODAY show staff—Hoda, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Carson, and Craig Melvin—to join her (because, well, she’s J.Lo).

This isn’t all J.Lo does to stay healthy—check out her best healthy-living tips:

Wait, I need more details on this 10-day challenge. What can and can’t I eat?

TODAY’s nutritionist, Joy Bauer, R.D., stepped in to explain the specifics of the challenge.

According to Bauer, when you follow a no-carb, no-sugar diet, it means weeding out all added sugar and all starchy carbs—that means skipping the obvious stuff like bread, pasta, cookies, candies, etc.

But J.Lo and A.Rod have made this next-level. With their challenge, you take out starchy veggies, dairy, and fruits (which have naturally occurring sugars). But you can have non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini, and broccoli, along with meats, nuts, seeds, and nut butters, along with various condiments and things like guacamole, olive oil, and salsa. Also, good news: You can have coffee (just skip the milk).

Sounds tough—but luckily, even J.Lo admits that this isn’t a lifelong diet. “This is not something you do all the time. It’s a challenge to really reset your body,” she said. “It’s something to clear yourself out.”

Well, damn. If everyone else is doing it…

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