House doctor reveals what you should do at the first signs of a cold

Sore throat, running nose and the head is buzzing – if it is colder, the Cold season, high season and ties many people to the bed.

In order to strengthen the defenses, and not to infect, many-to-ginger-Shots, disinfectants and other home remedies.

If, however, but quietly and secretly, an annoying feeling of sickness creeps in, it is to do this as quickly as possible. Tips and advice there are enough – but you can stop a developing cold really?

The General practitioner, Dr. Jens Wagenknecht, Vorstanddes German family doctors ‘ Association, gives an indication of whether the first signs of a cold can actually stop them before the disease breaks out properly.

When is a cold no longer prevented?

Dr. Wagenknecht explains: “For the typical course of the disease is that once the common cold viruses have reached the mucosa and you realize that you feel sick – the actual infection, not to fend off and is unstoppable. Then you can not stop the disease process more quickly due to a medication or a home remedy."

It should have the virus and bacteria actually managed, in the body implant, it is important to know how to best deal with the infection – and how to keep the impact of an impending disease as low as possible.

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Water and tea will not help as expected

If you have been infected already, and the typical symptoms such as neck scratching, and headache be felt, then you should keep this strictly in mind to lead according to appropriate therapy in the way.

“If you feel pain in the limbs, then you have to try to make this somehow more bearable. This process works on the one hand with drugs, but it is interesting to know whether you can get out of its own power, relief – of course you can das", Dr. wagenknecht-and-white.

Many fell Ill during a cold enough water and tea, since you lose due to frequent sweating a lot of liquid.

The expert says, however, that it is much more a question of what kind of fluid it takes and what is wrong with the body in the acute phase of the Disease.

“A lot of water or tea do to us are often not so good, because in a phase of the Disease is also very much the salt will sweat – this needs to be supplemented for a complete healing process."

This type of fluid helps the best against colds

The own fluid balance correctly replenish, gives the physician a helpful tip – and this is based on grandma’s home recipes.

Anyone who has lost through excessive sweating a lot of salt, picks the best of the traditional soup.

“Used to be called the broth, the force and this does not bear in vain, your name. Broth does not mean, in principle, other than a very salty soup, the soll&quot stabilize the circuit;, Dr. Wagenknecht declares.

He adds: “It is known, for example, that the effect of Paracetamol on the head and pain in the limbs is more effective, if one adds a salt water infusion, as if you pick up no salt or anything Similar to it."

So you can avoid a cold

If the infection is already in the body, you can’t stop a common cold so. Luckily, you can follow but some of the things, in order not to infect.

1. Proper Hand Washing

The proper Washing of the hands is to prevent getting infected with viruses or bacteria. Especially in the Cold season, one should wash the hands as frequently and thoroughly.

It is not enough to let water through the fingers run soap or disinfectant should be part of the Routine.

In addition, you can try to reduce the shaking of hands with other people.

2. A balanced sleep rhythm

To protect against pathogens and viruses, it is a functioning immune system is of great importance. This is weakened, for example, when the body is exposed to a permanent lack of sleep.

He then starts to reduce the production of cytokines, these proteins play a crucial role for the immune system and the healing process.

3. A Healthy Diet

If a cold is to be avoided, it is particularly important to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.

So foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain and milk products contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and are well suited to support the immune system.

As a preventive measure, regular ginger Shots can help in the Morning, to get healthy through the Cold season, because they bring the metabolism into high gear and boost the immune system – not for nothing, ginger is considered to be the cold killer at all.

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