Have a great fear that the Penis dies: a child in the kindergarten after biting incident in the clinic

The five-year-old Ilyas K. from Berlin, has been brought after an incident in his day-care centre in Berlin with serious injuries in a hospital. His family now fears that the Penis of the boy dies.

The &quot reported;Bild"-Newspaper. "We are first slipped a little bit. Then several of the boys started beating me and chasing with sticks. I stood on the slide, when suddenly a Boy on me zustürzte and me in the pee-pee biss", the five-year-old said the news portal.

The children would have been placed on the Monday, such as often all against him. "I have written and geweint", so Ilyas. Then the six-year-old had drained from him.

Permanent damage to the Penis fears

Educators alarmed the family of the injured boy, leaving him in an emergency room. "You are not nachgekommen&quot their duty of supervision;, defendant Duygu Y., the sister of the boy, then in an interview with the news portal. He had been traumatized as a result.

The family fears permanent damage: "We have great fear that the Penis dies and Ilyas later not to have intercourse kann", so the sister.

The five year old was prescribed in the clinic antibiotic to prevent infection. On Wednesday, he was released to go home.

"Tragic Unfall"

A spokeswoman for the Senate administration for education, said the "Bild"-Newspaper about the incident: "According to our current state of knowledge of the incident as a tragic accident while playing. The offending Boy could not assess his Actions and the consequences."

Ilyas K. continues to be under medical observation.