Find what Doctors in the eye of a patient, no one has ever seen

In the case of an investigation in advance of a planned eye operation in the case of a 67-year-old Elderly woman in the UK, doctors have made a curious find: a doctor discovered a “blue mass” in the eye of the lady, which turned out to be the lens clumps.

The professional Association of British optician reported with reference to the magazine “British Medial Journal”. The lady actually should be because of your cataract surgery. A eye doctor of the lens clumps in the eye of the patient, however, was. 17 lenses had been glued. Upon closer investigation, the doctors were able to discover distributed in addition, a Further ten in the eye.

The patient herself did not notice that so many lenses were in her eye, said in the report. You’ve complained about problems with the eye, but on the signs of old age and dry eyes.

Surgery had to be cancelled

“This is something none of us has ever seen before. It was such a large amount. All 17 contact lenses stuck together. We were very surprised that the patient doesn’t want anything from them have received”, – quotes the opticians Association of one of the Doctors, “you should have irritated the eye heavy”.

How long the lenses have already been found in the eye of the patient, could not be found. Since 35 years, the lady used contact lenses according to their own data, regular tests at an optician or eye doctor you have not perceived, however.

The cataract surgery had to be cancelled – too high the risk of infection was due to contact lenses, which were possibly contaminated with bacteria. The lady should, however, be easier: Two weeks after the Removal of the lenses, she came by again to Check in practice, and have noticed that your eyes feel now much better, according to the report.