Fattening foods: lack of sleep increases craving for Junk food

To respond to a short night with a hot hunger on chocolate, burgers and other Junk Food seems to have less to do with the hormones, as was previously assumed. Researchers found that the “fatigue an appetite” could arise otherwise.

Who celebrate after the Marathon of Christmas, Christmas, and new year’s eve brings a couple extra pounds on the scale, is pretty much succumbed to sure the temptation of punch, gingerbread and grilled sausages. And can, probably, something not even. Because long nights and lack of sleep are believed to play a decisive role, if the appetite is not the brakes to Junk food or Sweet.

The reward system in the brain is activated and increases the desire for Junk food

Neuro-scientists at the University of Cologne described in the Journal of Neuroscience, which is why lack of sleep leads to cravings. The sleep deprivation activate the reward system in the brain that fuels the Craving for Junk food. A by made night enough that unhealthy food will appear much more attractive, than a healthy meal.

The scientists built their investigations on evidence, that there is a relationship of sleep disorders with Obesity and type 2 Diabetes. As a cause has been seen frequently in the hormonal balance, of the devices due to the lack of sleep messed up, and therefore, cravings for Sweet or Greasy Wake. According to the new study, hormones play much of a role for the Amygdala in the brain. This is the place where the reward for food is processed.

Sleep, or the desire to eat influenced

In a Test of 32 healthy men between the ages of 19 and 33 years, Pasta, chips, an Apple and strawberry yogurt for dinner. Subsequently, a group was sent home, and your sleep is measured. The other group remained awake all night long. The following Morning they all met again, and given their Hunger and appetite levels, in addition to the blood sugar and the hormone levels were measured. Afterwards, it was your subjective Perception to food. You should specify how much money would you be willing to pay for certain things that were shown to you – including 24 Snacks. Your brain have been measured currents in the MRI.

After further Tests, it appeared that all participants – whether with or without sleep – were in the Morning in about the same hungry. They also had similar blood sugar and hormone levels. However, the test persons had not slept, would have spent more money on chocolate bars.

Chocolate bar set the reward system in the brain in gear

"This effect could be expected on the basis of previous studies,“ explains the neuroscientist Jan Peters. However, hormones are responsible for the blood analyses showed. MRI images were enhanced activity in the brain regions Amygdala and the Hypothalamus are visible. A night of sleep deprivation trigger a cycle, the use of a food-type, neural reward system. The offer of Snacks seemed like a reward stimulus.

Why these regions are activated in the case of bleary-eyed people more, needs to be clarified in further experiments.

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