Epic's April Fools' prank has company buying Fitbit, hiring Jim Cramer and seeking Fortnite developers

Epic for the past several years has used April 1 to have some fun with pranks, and the electronic health record vendor is at it again for 2019.

This year, the company’s homepage features pieces titled “Epic hires Mad Money host Jim Cramer as financial advisor,” “Epic to introduce MyMom interactive patient module” and “Now hiring Fortnite Support and Dev Staff.”

Cramer made a splash back in January by suggesting that Apple should buy Epic to gain a foothold in healthcare.

“Cramer’s impact has been realized within his first week on the job,” Epic joked. “Epic has already signed a deal to acquire Fitbit, the first purchase in the software company’s history, and Cramer said more acquisitions are on the way.”

There’s Epic the EHR company, of course, and EPIC Games, which makes Fortnite. The two are joining forces in a new April Fool’s outsourcing arrangement that will see Epic “become the official support division of EPIC,” the company teased.

“We can learn so much here,” explained April Wunn, Epic’s VP of Virtual Workflow. The typical Fortnite ambulatory visit is wrapped up in 3-5 seconds — completely mobile, and often while under heavy fire by rocket-propelled grenades. Wunn sees the potential and wonders, “What if we could replicate this in the Emergency Department?”

Lastly, Epic touted a new product along the lines of its real MyChart only called MyMom. The so-called interactive patient module will send text messages reminding users to eat, wear sunscreen and remember Mother’s Day.

“We’re excited to implement MyMom,” said Epic’s Vice President of Unwavering Support Trevor Berceau. “After all, nothing gets you moving like a ‘suggestion’ from Mom.”

In April’s past, Epic has introduced go-live service dogs, Ready Surgeon One, Epic TinDr, Chirp App for the iRing and poked fun at itself by releasing an Epic Kool-Aid recipe, among others.

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