Effective time lose weight with 15 minutes of effort per day

Apps to Count calories effectively?

Many people have to decrease problems with your weight, and try. Of course, there are various ways to reduce successfully the weight. Doctors found out now that Apps can be to Count calories, apparently, the key to easy weight loss.

The scientists from the University of Vermont and the University of South Carolina found in their common current investigation, that Apps to count calories, apparently, a simple and reliable way to lose weight of weight. The doctors published the results of their study in de English-speaking journal “Obesity”.

For a reduction in the weight of a calorie deficit should be. Calorie counter there are now even available as an App for mobile phones. (Image: dragon images/fotolia.com)

How much time an App needs to Count calories on a daily basis?

The creation of a calorie deficit is often regarded as the key to lose weight. That’s why many people also use Apps for Counting calories. Affected set, however, often the use of such calories recording devices relatively quickly because this part is complicated and time-consuming. The task is to count his own calories with an App, but it can take less time than you would suspect. Doctors report that only 15 minutes is sufficient.

The study was 142 subjects

The researchers studied in their six month study of 142 subjects recorded their daily consumption of food and drinks, including calorie and fat intake, online. So the scientists wanted to find out how much time the self-monitoring of dietary needs.

After some time recording calories worked faster

Subjects, which were the most successful in the weight loss program and ten percent of your body weight decreased, spent a daily average of 14.6 minutes in order for your calories to the end of the program to be recorded. At the beginning, the Participants needed an average of 23.2 minutes per day to monitor yourself. In the course of the study, this time was reduced to under 15 minutes. The recording worked faster and simpler, as the calorie recording device was capable of, complete words and phrases based on previous entries, increasingly automatically.

More frequent use of the App led to a greater success

The experts found also that the frequency of the applications was often used in relation to a successful weight loss, and not the time which was spent for the recording, or the amount of Details included in each entry. The Participants who watched three or more Times per day and day-to-day were constant, remained the most successful subjects. It is the act of self-monitoring seems to be self-that makes the difference, not the time or the captured Details, explain the scientists. With other words: The use of Apps for recording calories is very effective and is not as hard as many people think. (as)