Deep-fried foods harmful to health

Fried food cost of life time

In a study in January 2019 in the British Medical Journal was released, there was basically nothing Unexpected: The regular consumption of fried foods can be life-time cost of, say, early death.

Previous studies had already shown that Fried food can lead to various health problems or at least contribute. So fries and Co can affect, for example, the cardiovascular health, or the risk of type 2 Diabetes increase.

Fried food increases risk of death by heart disease

Researchers at the University of Iowa looked at in the current study, specifically, the risk of death for women over 50, if they like Fried foods on your shopping list. As a basis, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a data collection of 106.966 American women in the mentioned age.

It showed that the deep-Frying Fans died under the women earlier than those who didn’t like Fried food, the causes of death can be very different – whether a heart attack, cancer or other causes. However, there is also an increased risk of death was in addition to a General increased risk of death specifically as a result of heart disease.

All fried foods are created equal harmful?

However, one could observe that women who were most frequently Fried assen, mostly from the lower Educational levels, had lower income, were often smokers and more unhealthy malnourished.

However, even if you took into account these other risk factors (the overall quality of the diet, income, level of education, General life style, etc.), could not want a Serving of Fried food per day, the risk of death, compared to those, the Fried – to an average of 8 percent increase. To see if all the fried food masses influenced the risk of death equal to, these were initially divided into three groups:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Deep-fried fish, fish sandwiches (the fish is deep-fried), fried seafood such as shrimp or oysters.
  • French fries, fried potatoes, fried rice, Tortilla Chips, Tacos, pork crusts, etc.

Deep-fried fish and fried meat is particularly harmful

It showed that the risk of death increased (by 13 percent), if you a daily Serving of fried chicken ass. A Serving of fried fish or fried shrimp per day increased the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease, to 13 percent.

Since these foods are often processed, too strong and, in addition, heavily salted, of course, can also contribute these properties to the formation of the above-mentioned health problems.

Thus, one can with small changes in his diet and lifestyle very easily get the own health and also the life time, or at least influence, for example, alone then, if you eat Fried food at all significantly less than in the past.