Callback: bakery recalls bread due to plastic particles

Callback started: buns of Rösner back plastic can contain tube parts

The Franconian bakery Rösner has launched a recall for rolls. The so-called “stick bread” of the company may contain plastic particles. The consumption is discouraged.

Not suitable for consumption

The bakery Rösner shall inform on its website, “in the stick rolls in the time between the 20.04. and 26.04.19 may be plastic particles were able to be purchased, and therefore not for consumption!“ According to the company, with headquarters in Würzburg, these bread rolls can be returned in the respective branches against reimbursement of costs.

The bakery Rösner has launched a recall for rolls, because the plastic particles can be included. (Image:

Rolls were in middle – and lower Franconia sold

According to the bakery, the buns in the middle and lower Franconia, were sold.

On the website outlets from the following locations are listed:

Würzburg, Ammer village, Ansbach, Bad Mergentheim, Bad Neustadt, würzburg, Eibelstadt, Eisingen, Erlangen, Estenfeld, lazy stream, Fürth, a suburb of gerbrunn, Haßfurt, Heßdorf, Hochberg, Hofheim am Taunus, Karl city, Church listen to Bach, Kitzingen, Germany, Kürnach, Triefenstein, Lohr, Marktheidenfeld, carrots village, Randersacker, Rimpar, Röttenbach, Rottendorf, Schweinfurt, Germany, Sennfeld, Uttenreuth, Veitshöchheim, Wertheim, Germany, Hungary and Zell am Main.

Foreign body in food

In food production can occur due to errors in the manufacturing processes to impurities or contaminants, such as aluminum or plastic residues.

Foreign objects in food can cause many different injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, texture and Material of the swallowed body can occur while Chewing wounds in the mouth and throat.

Swallowed plastic parts, depending on the size of the esophagus and the digestive organs block.

Remain smaller parts in the body, they can trigger a sometimes inflammation. Also digestive or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be ruled out.

Dangerous it can be, especially when the objects to glass. (ad)