Binge eating: These diseases make mega hungry

Not only is a psychological eating disorder such as bulimia leads to unbridled Linings. There are also a number of diseases that are associated with binge Eating. And a couple of triggers for cravings, you would never think in a lifetime.

  • Metabolic disorders are often associated with cravings.
  • Tumors, and a broken liver change appetite.
  • After the Cannabis-to-noise of the eating flash.

An irrepressible desire for something Creamy-Trick-or-Crispy-and-Salty everyone has occasionally. You will be satisfied with a Portion of the coveted food, is a place of peace. Not so in the case of people whose cravings ends every time in a Feeding frenzy.

Eating disorders such as bulimia or “Binge Eating disorder” and (bulimia without the vomiting) are usually justified by the psychological: at some point, the people Concerned have developed a troubled relationship to food intake. There are also diseases and physical disorders that result in uncontrolled Eating.

  • Diabetes mellitus

Cravings can be an early sign of a diabetes. Frequently the appetite is a warning signal for a starting sugar (hypoglycemia). People with Diabetes fall faster than Healthy in the Situation that the blood sugar level drops threat. This happens, for example, if the Patient injects more blood-glucose-lowering Insulin as his current sugar level is required. Then the body is signaled by hunger: calories fast.

  • Liver disease

Severe liver disease can also cause hypoglycemia with cravings. Because The body’s own hormone Insulin creates sugar storage in the liver. To keep blood sugar levels in balance. The liver is damaged and cannot fulfill its storage function, decreases the blood sugar level. The body responds with cravings.

  • Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland

The thyroid hormones influence carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. People who suffer from a Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, will feel hungry all the time. You eat often and a lot, still. This may sound tempting, but Stress: in addition to cravings while weight loss characteristic nervousness, faster heartbeat, hair loss, and often, a goiter draw the hyperthyroidism.


  • Tumors

Certain tumors can cause seizures to unfamiliar Hunger and Eating. For example, the Insulinoma, a benign Tumor of the pancreas that produces out of control, the hormone Insulin. Also an growth in the brain can put the Hunger-satiety mechanism. The consequence of extravagant eating and weight gain.

  • Depression

Depressed people may also have an excessive appetite. Sweet cravings plagues often people, especially during the fall and winter seasonal Depression.

  • Migraine

Chocolate or cheese both have to trigger the reputation of a migraine. Today we know, however, that cravings for high-calorie foods to the harbingers of a migraine attack. The chocolate indulgence is the answer.

  • Cannabis Use

The “food flash” after Smoking Weed, anyone who has tried it knows. The medical uses of the cravings effect even to the appetite of cancer or Aids patients with Cannabis medicines. The insatiable Hunger, of all things, the nerve cells that control appetite usually promote. These so-called POMC cells in the Hypothalamus of the intoxicating Cannabis ingredient THC to a standstill.

  • Drugs

Some medicines act on the satiety and hunger centre in the brain. Thus, certain antidepressants, and neuroleptics strong hunger feelings. Corticosteroids also appetite and are therefore considered to be Fattening. And also the Allergy drug Ceterizin has the reputation of some hay fever sufferers particularly will make you hungry.Best offer on