Beetroot juice rejuvenates the brain

Table of contents

  • Beetroot juice for heart, vessels and brain
  • Beetroot juice strengthens the positive effect of sports on the brain
  • A healthy diet can keep the brain young
  • Six weeks of Beetroot juice and sports meet for the rejuvenation of the brain
  • Beetroot juice supplies the brain with oxygen
  • Combine Beetroot juice with movement
  • Good for the brain: Beetroot juice alternately with blueberry juice drink

Beetroot juice for heart, vessels and brain

The Beetroot has a very beneficial to the blood vessels and thus the circulation of the blood, as we already stated here is Beetroot – The athletes, vegetables:. So beets widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure and reduce the workload on the heart.

In Sport, this shows that the oxygen demand of the heart decreases, to simultaneously transports more oxygen to the muscles and in this way, both the endurance as well as strength Training are on the rise.

Healthy blood vessels and a fast-flowing blood, however, lead not only to a healthy heart, but also a powerful brain, Yes, the entire body becomes healthier, because a good blood circulation is the prerequisite for a perfect metabolism. Each institution is well supplied with nutrients and oxygen, while at the same time waste substances are disposed of quickly and rejected.

Beetroot juice strengthens the positive effect of sports on the brain

We know from several studies that physical exercise a positive influence on the brain,” explains study author W. Jack Rejeski from Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

In our current study, however, we were able to show that the brain efficiency in older people even better increase if you take in addition to the sports regular Beetroot juice. Your brain activity is then similar to almost those seen in young adults.”

A healthy diet can keep the brain young

Of course, further research in this area is needed to show that the previous results are repeatable at any time. However, the researchers point out that you should necessarily consider the importance of the diet for the maintenance of a healthy and powerful brain – what we have reported, for example here: Unhealthy diet makes the brain shrink

The study of Rejeskis Team was on 9. November 2016 in the scientific journal Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences published. It is the first Experiment on the topic of sports and Beetroot juice, in which the combined effect of these two factors on the neural network in the motor cortex (the area in the brain, where arbitrary movements are controlled) are investigated.

Six weeks of Beetroot juice and sports meet for the rejuvenation of the brain

In the study, 26 men and women aged 55 years and older. You have made so far, no sports, suffered from hypertension and were not taking more than two medications to control your blood pressure.

For six weeks, half of the participants should nitrates take now, three times a week a dietary Supplement of Red beet juice (560 mg por dose) and one study of a moderately intensive 50-minute Walk on the treadmill. The other half, he also completed the treadmill workout, but received a Placebo dietary Supplement.

Beetroot juice supplies the brain with oxygen

Red Pray have levels, by nature, relatively high nitrate. Nitrate is converted in the body to nitric oxide (NO) – and it is precisely this NO promotes blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, and showed in many studies as a performance-enhancing for athletes from all different age groups.

Combine Beetroot juice with movement

When you do Sport, then the motor cortex in the brain interprets the signals that arrive from the body. Sport strengthens the motor cortex. You can combine now, but still in the Red beet juice with your sporting activity, provides your brain with much more oxygen, which is an excellent prerequisite to strengthen the motor cortex is still much better than with the Sport alone.

In the Sport-Beetroot-group showed that the Neural plasticity, the ability of the brain to optimize itself and its functions, was strengthened in contrast to the group that made only sports, clearly – and apparently so well that the brain’s efficiency could easily be with those young people as compared.

Good for the brain: Beetroot juice alternately with blueberry juice drink

If you want to improve the performance of your brain, so this is fairly easy and also cost effective: they Move a lot and you regularly consume Beetroot juice. They should and are in the mood for variety, then you can like to drink every once in a even blueberry juice (= blueberry juice). This can proven to boost brain health – as you can read here: blueberry juice improves brain functions

Nachtehend we give you some delicious Beetroot recipes:

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