39-Year-old mother has given birth to 44 children, 38 children are still alive

44 births – the current record

How many children can be born to a woman? In Uganda, a mother has brought meanwhile, 39 children to the world. The sad story reveals the suffering of the family.

While in the Traditions mothers up to 69 children in the world have brought, the information is usually not clearly verifiable. Secured, however, the births of Mariam are Nabatanzi from Uganda. The young mother now has 39 children, you must raise completely alone. An extremely difficult task, if you know the wretched circumstances. How is it come to this?

As a child, already born children

As Mariam Nabatanzi from the East African country of Uganda got their first children, she was 13 years old still a child yourself. At the age of 12, she was forced to be married. Shortly thereafter, gave birth to the young mother with a 13 years of her first twins. Today, she is 39 years old and has brought an incredible 38 children in the world, according to the news Agency „Reuters“ reported.

After the births of the first child the doctor advised that she should take for health and social reasons, the anti baby pill, need to not bear children. The doctors had diagnosed sticks to small eggs, such as „The Westen“ to report know. The consequences of additional births would have been dangerous, especially as no adequate basic medical care is guaranteed.

However, the mother refused the advice. A variety of multiple pregnancies followed. Five twins, four triplets, and five of quadruplets brought Mariam Nabatanzi to the world. The are 44 births, where 6 children died after birth.

A single mother in a village

Currently, the mother is a single parent of 38 children in a small village called Kasawo. The village is located about 60 kilometers from the Ugandan capital, Kampala. A heavy task, because her husband has the family over two years ago from one day to the other exit As Reuters white to report, I left the man of the family, because a child died during the birth. Since the mother is alone. „I did a lot of crying, my husband gave me a lot of suffering zugeführt“, Nabatanzi said in the Reuters Interview. „I’ve taken care of all the time to my children and worked to earn some money.“

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A Daily Struggle For Survival

A mother in this country would have plenty of problems, in order to supply such a large family. In Uganda’s Survival. What is food and education are missing. For the wages of a hairdresser Gin-Brauerin, Event decorator, and herbs-not enough seller, to provide all children with sufficient food. A son had already left secondary school, because the money was not enough.

25 kg of maize flour needed for the family to keep above water. Fish or meat, there is only very rarely and only on special occasions. „Early on, I had to take responsibility like an adult. I’ve had it since birth, no friends mehr“, Mariam Nabatanzi says to Reuters.

World Record: 69 Children

According to the Guinness book of world records, the Russian Vassilye to have brought according to Tradition, between 1725 and 1765 in a total of 27 births 69 children on the world. 16 Pairs of twins, seven triplets and four quadruplets. This information is not, however, proven scientifically and historically, but as part of a Tradition.

1.5 children get women in Germany. Large families in Germany are rather rare. In British Morecambe 20 children live in a family. The is of this order of magnitude in the Western industrial Nations, an absolute record.

A very high Fötenanzahl always leads to premature births. Usually, the children must be brought by section birth. In addition to hormonal therapy, the African ancestry is a factor for multiple pregnancies.(sb)