Pink Shares Her Painful Experience Of Suffering A Miscarriage As A Teenager

Singer and songwriter Alecia Moore whom we know as Pink recently came up with her latest album Hurts 2B Human which is inspired by her real-life experiences. The lyrics of one of the album songs Happy indicate the feeling that she went through after suffering a miscarriage at a young age of 17. The pop artist came out with this revelation as she felt a necessity to talk about it given the devastating feeling that comes along with pregnancy loss.

Now a mother of two, it was unfortunate that Pink had to face multiple miscarriages which made her believe that her body was broken and hated her.

As a matter of fact, around 10-20% of pregnancies terminate due to miscarriage, but according to research, that percentage is even higher as many women face it even before finding out about their pregnancy. Although the chances are higher in females above 35, younger women may also get affected. For any woman at any age, it’s surely a painful incident, but with counseling and therapy, the situation can be handled in a better way.

In the case of Pink, it took as long as five years to take help after having struggled with similar losses more than once. As she took help from an expert, she found a comfort which further helped her in coping with the disturbing situation.

At present, the 39-year-old is blessed with a beautiful family that includes her husband Carey Hart and their two children, and the one thing that always gets her through the rough phases of life is her sense of humor. As Pink says, keeping the humor alive allows her to travel through such distressing places and share her journey with people, even if it’s not the most comfortable thing to do. Bad things are a part of life, but when you get funny, it becomes a bit smooth to move on.

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