Kristen Bell Says She Uses Frozen Characters as a Way to Resolve Conflicts with Her Kids

Kristen Bell has a special approach when it comes to settling arguments between her daughters, and it involves calling in Elsa and Anna for backup.

The 39-year-old actress — who shares daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta Bell, 4, with husband Dax Shepard — spoke to PeopleTV at the Los Angeles premiere of Frozen 2 on Thursday, where she revealed she uses the popular Disney siblings she and actress Idina Menzel voice to help calm down tensions between her own girls.

“I don’t make them watch the clips, but when I, on a daily basis, watch them try and wring each other’s necks, I say ‘Hm, would Anna and Elsa do this, would Anna and Elsa feel this way about their sister? What would Anna and Elsa do?’ ” Bell shared.

“That’s the power of story, right?” said Bell. “They respect this story so much and they know this narrative and they know these girls care, so it’s an easy way to pop them out of their anger and think about being kind for a second.”

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Kristen Bell

In early October, Bell spoke with PEOPLE about how “excited” her two daughters are to see the new movie.

“They also already know the whole plot line and all the songs, and I have yet to make them sign an NDA, so I could be screwed because they’re pretty chatty,” she said, adding that she’s known the songs in the sequel for years now.

“I’ve been singing them the songs for a couple years now because we’ve been working on it for two and a half years,” she said.

“They are very excited even though they know everything that happens,” the Veronica Mars star added. “They were not as into Frozen one, they were only into Elsa and Anna because their friends were, but I think they’re going to be into Frozen 2.”

Anna and Elsa in Frozen

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Bell reprises her role of Princess Anna, alongside Menzel‘s Queen Elsa, Groff’s Kristoff and Josh Gad‘s Olaf in the sequel.

They’re also joined by new cast members: Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, Jason Ritter and Rachel Matthews.

Frozen 2 premieres in theaters Nov. 22.

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