Every Wall I Built Was Torn Down By Cancer, Says Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty has been quite open about her struggling battle against breast cancer as she expressed that the whole event brought an extreme change in her personality.

Throwing more light on the experience, Beverly Hills 90210’s Brenda told that through the entire journey, she felt more vulnerable than ever. On tearing down the walls, the actress said that it motivated her to share the story with her social media followers. For Doherty, it was all about being honest as she felt the significance of being there for the others who were experiencing the same trauma.

One of the positive things that came out from sharing everything with people was that it reduced the amount of hatred and trolling that she used to receive earlier. Recalling the moments during her treatment, she revealed that going bald was one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. In fact, it was way tougher than the surgical procedures and it felt like a nightmare when clumps of hair came out while showering.

Doherty said that there was a time when everyone thought that she won’t be able to survive when her body became too weak due to multiple organ shutdowns. The one person who was the most affected was her husband Kurt Iswarienko who almost left hope, but it was only for him that she gathered all the courage and came out alive.

Now that she has been doing quite well, Doherty shared the excitement about being able to resume work once again with a much stronger version of herself. For staying fit, she takes assistance from a nutritionist and also does strength training along with boxing practice every day. In her words, now it’s all about appreciating her strong body that had the power to defeat something as horrifying as cancer. That’s a great thought indeed!

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