9 Sweet Stocking Stuffers for Kids at Any Age

Play, Eat, Love!

Buy It! Busy Baby Silicone Placemat ($25)

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True Colors

Buy It! Crayola Colors of the World Coloring Book ($0.50)

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Santa’s Coming

Buy It! The Elf on the Shelf ($30)

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Jolly Jammies

Buy It! Tea Collection Printed Long Sleeve Pajamas ($43)

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Twinkle Toes

Buy It! Freshly Picked Harry City Moccasin ($45)

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Sparkle and Shine

Buy It! Jelli Rez Sweets Jewelry Pack ($8)

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Cozy Kicks

Buy It! Bearpaw Lil Critters Slippers ($25)

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Paper Mates

Buy It! Cubles Dogman ($24) and Little House on the Prairie ($40)

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Spill It

Buy It! Bumkins Harry Potter Superbibs ($15)

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