True Colors

There’s nothing monotone about Pride parades.

“Pride parades are the perfect representation of today’s beauty industry as a whole: colorful, inclusive and all-encompassing,” said Michael Nolte, creative director at BeautyStreams, a business-to-business market insights and trend platform specialized in the cosmetics sector.

“From the emergence of the ever open-minded Gen Z to the vast shift in consumer attitudes of late, we are witnessing multiple looks across Pride parades where color — which is indeed the focus — is far more than a means of outfit coordination, but rather, an outlet for an expression of individualism,” he continued.

Due to coronavirus lockdowns, Nolte has noted an expanded use of color into hair and nails, including looks trending on social media, such as face stickers, colored bubble braids and artistic eye designs.

“This year’s parades will undoubtedly be the most extravagant yet in terms of beauty looks, if only to make up for the restrictions of the past year and celebrate the advances being made within the LGBTQ+ community,” he said.

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