Five New Beauty Products from AAPI-Founded Brands

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Spectacular Scented Body Oil
Available for $65 at, Sephora and Ulta Beauty.

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Hero Cosmetics Superfuel Serum Stick Photo courtesy of Hero Cosmetics

After debuting one of the first acne patches in the skin care market, Hero Cosmetics founder Ju Rhyu is no stranger to pioneering formats. For her latest acne-fighting launch, Rhyu is introducing a Superfuel Serum Stick, a hydrating and soothing offering to quell inflammation.

“The idea for Hero is to make sure we offer as many acne solutions as we can, and we want to have a solution for every time of pimple problem out there,” Rhyu said. She added that personal experience led to the product’s inception. “Last summer, I was traveling, we had to wear masks and it was really hot. I wanted an on-the-go acne product that also feels super fantastic,” she said.

The serum stick also boasts probiotics to protect the microbiome, and although it can be used any time, anywhere, the brand recommends keeping it chilled in a refrigerator to enhance its cooling properties. Industry sources estimate the product could reach $1,000,000 during its first year in retail sales.

Then I Met You Rosé Resurfacing Facial Mask
Available for $56 at

Then I Met You Rosé Resurfacing Face Mask. Photo courtesy of Then I Met You

After two years on the market—and garnering fans like like skinfluencer Hyram Yarbro—Then I Met You is adding a treatment mask to its lineup. Charlotte Cho, cofounder of Soko Glam and Then I Met You, is expanding her brand’s offerings with the Rosé Resurfacing Facial Mask, which gets its name and exfoliating properties from a blend of AHAs and BHAs.

Cho’s approach to all of her ventures is heavily influenced by the Korean philosophy of Jeong (the deep emotional connection between people, places and objects). “It was my North Star, getting through the challenges of being an entrepreneur,” she said, adding that it also affects her product development. “Western skin care tends to put a lot of acids in products. I wanted to approach this mask from the Korean perspective, too, which meant using the optimal percentage of acids for your skin without over-exfoliating.”

Given Soko Glam’s wide-ranging appeal with consumers, and brand matrix spanning price points, Cho said the mask is meant for a more niche, sophisticated skin care consumer. “It’s for the people who are looking for a next-level skin care experience and are in tune with their skin ingredients and what makes a big difference,” she said. Industry sources think the mask could exceed $1,000,000 in sales during its first 12 months.

Humanist Beauty Herban Wisdom Facial Oil
Available for $100 at

Humanist Beauty Herban Wisdom Facial Oil Photo courtesy of Humanist Beauty

With 20 years of industry experience and an MBA from Georgetown University under her belt, Jennifer Norman was ready to bring a more humanistic approach to beauty. To that end, she founded the Human Beauty Movement, a purpose-driven company that centers around “radical inclusivity, true wellness, and and ecological and social sustainability,” she said.

The company, which launched last month as a certified B-corporation and with certifications from EWG and Leaping Bunny, has introduced its first brand: Humanist Beauty. Its debut stock-keeping unit, Herban Wisdom Facial Oil, pairs a variety of herbs with CBD to aid in stress relief for both the visage and the consumer. “I wanted the oil to give consumers this place where they could almost meditate,” Norman said.

Norman’s approach to her business, despite tall ambitions, also involves slowing down. “It’s really about ‘slow beauty,’ I will launch one more product this year, but I want to make sure the formulas are right, because formulating naturals is tricky. It’s wasteful and not very mindful to rush things to market.”

Norman hoped to make her product as accessible to users as possible, down to the attachable braille tag that comes with each bottle. Industry sources expect sales for the facial oil to surpass $2.5 million for its first year on the market.

Prim Botanicals Candles
Available in A Little Magic, A Warm Hug and a Fresh Start at $34 each, at

Prim Botanicals Candles Photo courtesy of Prim Botanicals

Home scents had a big year in 2020, but that’s not what spurred Prim Botanicals founder Stefanie Walmsley to join the mix. “After a rebrand last year, we’ve been getting younger customers. I wanted to create something for Gen Z in general. They’re unapologetically colorful and really fresh,” she said.

In her bid for the burgeoning consumer base, Walmsley created three candles with whimsical, gingham packaging and names focused more on the feelings the scents provide, as opposed to specific note callouts. “We want to make Prim a focus just on scents, and how we connect beauty back to wellness, and make it about scents and mood,” Walmsley said.

Accordingly, A Warm Hug has notes of sandalwood and rose; A Little Magic features orange blossoms and jasmine blossom; and A Fresh Start includes citrus and florals. “I’m personally really fascinated by the emotional connection to an object or a product,” she said.

Consumers seem to be responding well, having largely depleted the brand’s stock in the candles’ first 10 days after launch. Industry sources estimate the line to reach between $250,000 and $500,000 in sales for its first year on the market, pending wider distribution.

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