Beauty Booking Appointment Company Planity Raising 30 Million Euros

PARIS – Planity, France’s leading beauty appointment booking company, is raising 30 million euros in funding.

The financing round is being carried out with Gaia Capital Partners and Planity’s historical investors: Crédit Mutuel Innovation, BPI Digital Venture, Alven Capital and the Eiffel Investment Group.

Planity today has 75 percent market share in France and wants to bolster its growth by expanding its technical and commercial teams. The company will open an office in Germany, as well.

The company was founded in 2017 by Antoine Puymirat and his partners Jérémy Queroy and Paul Vonderscher.

Today Planity boasts 15,000 beauty salon clients domestically. More than 50 million appointments – or one each second – have been booked on the platform, which has 200 employees in France. It’s a count that doubled in 2020.

Planity also has more than 1 million customer reviews, which average a rating of 4.48 out of 5, while the platform’s sales are gaining more than 15 percent per month.

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The group has created a Software as a Service, or SaaS, tool and services to enable people to book online for free all day, any day.

For beauty establishments, the software helps improve efficiency by reducing the number of calls by half and the level of missed appointments by 75 percent. Concurrently, beauty salons using Plenity increase their sales by 10 percent, due to new customers and higher booking frequency.

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“Our first objective is to continue to develop the French market, where only 13 percent of beauty salons have an online appointment solution,” Puymirat, president and cofounder of Planity, said in a statement. “We expect more than 60 percent will be equipped within the next five years, so we still have a lot of salons to support in their digitalization.

“This capital increase will also allow Planity to enter a new stage of its development by opening its first office outside France, in Germany,” he continued. “Finally, this funding round will enable us to double our workforce over the next 12 months with more than 200 new hires planned.”

The foray into Germany is meant to pave the way for Planity’s international expansion. Germany has more than 250,000 beauty and wellness salons, according to estimates. There, the platform plans to recruit more than 70 people within the next 18 months before launching Planity elsewhere in Europe.

“Planity addresses a sector that has so far been left out of technological innovation. Its software suite allows beauty professionals to significantly increase their productivity, and its marketplace allows them to generate additional income while supporting the digitalization of uses,” said Morgan Kessous, investment director of Gaia Capital Partners. “Just as in the health sector, there is considerable potential for growth in France and internationally. Combined with these favorable market factors, the team’s strong execution convinced us that Planity will be the European leader in online beauty appointments within a few years.”

In July 2020, Planity raised 10 million euros in a series B funding round led by Crédit Mutuel Innovation.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect the latest, correct information from the company regarding the funding.

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