The dark secret of the hole in the pen cap

We are afraid of Lightning. Or Great White Sharks.

In this case, the innocent everyday object is much more dangerous.

Lightning costs a year in Germany, four people the life.

Around 300 die to: pens.

It is usually swallowed items, leading to difficulty in breathing. The choking hazard is by the way also the reason why there are these caps. The hole in the lid to prevent the cap seals the air tube. But not only ball-point pens are more deadly than you think. Also, Selfies are an under-appreciated danger:

As a study by the Carnegie Mellon University found out, died between March 2014 and September 2016 worldwide, over 120 people trying to make a photo of yourself. Most of them died or were drowned. Here, too, there is a creative solution: students of the University of Pittsburgh are working on a Warning App. You should sound the Alarm when the user approaches the edge of a cliff.

Even more effective take Care, however, is:!