Sick of Kissing: kissing with tongue can transmit gonorrhea

A disturbing idea: The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea, gonorrhea called, apparently, can be transmitted not only through Sex but also through Kissing. Came to this finding, Australian researchers in a new study published in the journal “Sexually Transmitted Infections”.

Gonorrhea is one of the world’s one of the most commonly transmitted sexual diseases. Each year, the world health organization (WHO) is one of 78 million cases and rising. In Europe alone, 5 million people a year from the infectious disease affected. And, although since 2001, there is no official reporting requirement exists – the number of unreported cases remains unknown. Only in Saxony there is a reporting obligation. Here, the number of infections has doubled within eight years, reported the “mirror”.

An infection can lead to blood poisoning and infertility

The causative agent for the disease is a bacterium that infects the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, explains the “Mopo”. After infection it takes occur a number of days until first symptoms, usually a purulent discharge from the urethra. Especially young adults between the ages of 15-25 years are affected by the disease, explaining the STI-society, the informed about sexually transmitted diseases. Mostly men are affected, but also in women can infect the clap, the urinary tract.

Even if gonorrhea is not normally fatal, can cause an infection to blood poisoning and infertility. The risk of infection with HIV increases, adds to the “mirror”. So far, awareness campaigns for the protection were recommended to use only condoms. However, whether this protection is sufficient in the future, is questionable.

Of the almost 4,000 participants in six per cent, suffered from gonorrhoea in the throat area. The analysis showed that the risk of this Form of gonorrhea infection, is significantly higher for men kissing. For subjects with more than four kiss-partners, compared to those with only one, increased the risk by 46 percent. In the case of participants, the Andean tongue kisses with sex fades, increased the risk by as much as 81 percent.

In their findings, the researchers stressed, however, that it was just observations. Whether the Kiss is the cause for increased rate of Transmission of gonorrhea, remain unclear. Nevertheless, the results suggest that the risk of Infection for the oropharyngeal gonorrhea is underestimated and kissing, with or without the Sex, there is an increased risk, writes the “mirror”. How to Kiss protect, however, remains controversial. The researchers suggest that in addition to condoms anti bacterial mouth rinses – whether it is a solution.

Sources: “Mirrors” / “Mopo”